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Microderm abrasion, New Jersey Dermatologist

Patients with acne scars, sun damage, wrinkling and chicken pox scars should consider treatment with Micro-dermabrasion,  This microdermabrsion  is done by a  New Jersey Dermatologist, Dr. Ackerman, is a Board Certified General and Cosmetic Dermatologist that specializes in microdermabrasion. Microderm abbrasion is a technique that polishes and refines the skin's surface. The patient's skin and complexion becomes more radiant and even. The procedure reduces or eliminates the appearance of acne or scars. Another unique treatment is intense pulse light or IPL. IPL is a rosacea treatment. If you are looking for an effective, affordable procedure that does not involve invasive chemicals, then consider this one. Dr. Ackerman offers this effective roseacea treatment in New Jersey.

We all dream of beautiful skin, but most of us don't think it is actually a realistic option. Maybe you fought acne in your younger years and your skin was left tainted with scars. It is painful to look in the mirror. Each day you are reminded of those hard times and are forced to hide behind makeup. Why not let your natural skin breathe? By considering microdermabrasion, you are giving your skin a chance to feel beautiful without acne scars. .

Rosacea treatment in New Jersey

Sun damage and Rosacea are common skin problems. . Dr. Ackerman offers numerous procedures including microderm abrasion, IPL Treatments  and, skin cancer screening,..   Dr. Ackerman is a Board Certified Cosmetic and General Dermatologist that is not only a professional expert with over 20 years of experience, but she is friendly, warm, and compassionate. She personalizes her recommendations. If you are considering a rosacea treatment in New Jersey, Dr. Ackerman invites you to set up  consultation.

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