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IPL Light Treatment

Patients with excessive hair can benefit from Intenses Pules Light Treatments  In additions patients wit red areas from ultraviolet  Radiation or rosacead can slso benefit from the IPL treatments. Many handpiences can be used to treat many  conditions.  . The machine was developed to manage specific dermatologic problems with out pain or scarring.  This machine is better that laser to treat ultraviolet damage skin without pain and scarring.  There are many benefits to the incredible IPL hair removal treatment.

These great benefits include:

  • Works remarkably and equally well with both light or dark hair and skin
  • Much less of a chance for scarring and pigmentation change
  • Larger areas can be treated at a single time
  • Effective on the majority of areas of the body
  • Minimal pain and discomfort, especially compared to other hair removal procedures
  • Sessions are quick and effective with lasting results

IPL hair removal is perfect for shoulders, arms, back, legs, face, and many other areas. Safe, effective, and gentle is this quick procedure, hair removal IPL Star-Lux. New Jersey men and women show some skin!

IPL treatment for rosacea

IPL procedures are ideal for much more than just hair removal. This intense pulsed light system is available for many skin conditions. Reduce and eliminate sun spots, sun damage, acne scars, large pores, and so much more. This non-laser light source is FDA approved.

IPL treatment for rosacea is an effective procedure that dilates blood vessels, flushes, treats acne-like breakouts, and persistent redness. While IPL does reduce or eliminate your problem areas, it is important to remember that it is not a cure. Your results are long lasting, but should not be thought of as a cure for rosacea. Even after receiving IPL treatment for rosacea, you should still continue your checkups from your dermatologist and avoid personal rosacea triggers.

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