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IPL hair removal

Many people are interested in having hair removal which is effective, permanent and painless.  Dr. Ackerman will evaluate  your concerns and see if IPL  Hair Removal is right for you.   A consultation can be made to evaluate your skin type, the hair that you want removed and see this would be effective for you.    The Star-lux machine made by Palomar has been used by many Dermatologists to treat these problems.   .Dr. Ackerman treats patients with IPL to achieve effective hair removal.  .. In addition, she offers skin cancer screening in New Jersey at her office. One of the popular procedures that Dr. Ackerman offers is IPL hair removal treatments. IPL is intense pulse light that transforms the skin into beautiful, smooth, and  hairless. . An IPL treatment for photodamage can reduce brown and red areas.  . There are numerous treatments available and we encourage you to contact Dr. Ackerman today to set up a consultation.

Micro-dermabrasion, New Jersey

Microderm or microdermabrasion is a Dermatology procedure. This modern technique is used by doctors to treat acne scars and wrinkiling.  This procedure provides effective results and helps a patient achieve gorgeous, radiant skin. With no downtime after treatment, microdermabrasion is wonderful solution for many skin conditions. If you are trying to eliminate or reduce the appearance of scars, this procedure can help. In addition, there are numerous other areas that this procedure improves such as skin texture, acne, blackheads, rough skin, large pores, clogged pores, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines, dermal circulation, age spots, and sun damage.

It is important to select a Board Certified Dermatologist that regularly performs  micro-dermabrasion. The New Jersey practice of Dr. Ackerman offers years of professional experience with this procedure. . By polishing the skin, you are able to have healthy, smooth, beautiful skin again. The beauty of this unique treatment is that there are no  chemicals, scalpels, or lasers involved.

If you are looking for micro-dermabrasion in New Jersey dermatologist, Dr. Ackerman, can help. Microdermabrasion is a effective procedure that can help the skin  appear healthier. without deep wrinkles or scars.  . It is non- invasive skin-resurfacing technique that offers excellent results at an affordable price. Quick, safe, effective, and inexpensive are just of the few reasons to consider micro-Dermabrasion.  To learn more about this valuable procedure or IPL hair removal, please contact Dr. Ackerman's office. 

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